Atelier Hylia

A Legend of Zelda Master Study AnthologyAtelier Hylia: Volume II available now


Atelier Hylia is a small group of artists working together to create a series of Legend of Zelda-themed master studies of historical artworks. The goal: to try something new, learn new techniques, and support each other in our journeys as artists. We are so excited to show you all we have created together!

Meet the atelier

Meet the wonderful artists that make up Atelier Hylia!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more volumes?

Absolutely! Our artists were so excited about the project that they could hardly contain themselves to just one study each! Make sure to follow us on Twitter or Tumblr for updates on upcoming volume releases!

Will you be opening up artist applications in the future?

Because this is a small, invite-only project among friends, we are not currently planning on opening applications for more artists, sorry! But, if you would like to pursue your own Zelda-themed master studies, please do! (and feel free to tag us so we can help share it with the world!)

Will you be releasing a physical version of the zine?

Currently, we do not have plans for a physical release. Thanks for your interest though! <3